Think about having a Windows PC without the hardware! Difficult to imagine? With Cloud PC you can have a Windows Desktop (VDI) available from everywhere. You can use it from any device having Internet access and Remote Desktop capability. Your applications and your data are accessible from your office, your home or whilst on the go. The highest level of physical security is now available. Your data are safe and your computer is on the cloud! Check out the specifications of this amazing service and step up your business!

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Cloud PC make use of the Microsoft virtualization platform and through VDI offers an Enhanced User Experience. Virtual Desktop has lots of new capabilities. Explore the specifications...

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Physical security

This PC cannot be stolen, damaged or accessed by anyone. Thus, it offers a great level of security for your data!

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Access from everywhere

Use your Desktop from everywhere and from any device. All you need is a device with Internet access and Remote Desktop capability.

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No more hardware failures

Cloud PC offers you the ability to free yourself from the hardware. No more hardware malfunctions, hard drive failures and other issues. You just use it!

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Reduced cost

Have you checked the budget you need for new hardware and software for your company? Now compare it with keeping your old computers and use Cloud PC service!

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High availability

Cloud PC is based on Microsoft’s Virtualization Platform and enterprise-class infrastructure located in one of the best datacenters in Europe. We guarantee 99.99% availability.

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Easy scaling

Cloud PC can be scaled with ease. You can have more disk space for your files, Microsoft Office 365 and much more.


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