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By giving users access to the information and collaboration tools from everywhere and from any device, compose real challenges for your company's IT department when it comes to security and compliance. That's why IT leaders are moving to cloud infrastructures and start using Software as a Service.

Cloud Mail is the perfect email, calendar and collaboration solution on the cloud. It gives end-users the access and freedom they want and IT administrators the security they need. Cloud Mail make use of Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Zimbra is deeply committed to providing a secure collaboration experience for its customers, partners and users of their software.

In addition Zimbra uses the "NVD Common Vulnerability Scoring System v2" ("CVSS") for scoring and communicating the characteristics and urgency of vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerability has been CVSS scored, Zimbra assigns a "Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification" based on that CVSS Score. The Rating Classification in turn determines how Zimbra will respond to the Vulnerability, as defined in Zimbra's Security Response Policy.

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