Cloud Mail is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration platform that is designed for portability across cloud. It helps you be more organized and more productive than ever before, because your information follows you whenever you go. Think of it as your cloud!

Cloud Mail has all the features you'd expect. Email, contacts, calendars, tasks plus a file sharing service called "Briefcase". Everything you need is accessible in one user interface, so you are a lot more productive. For example, you can easily access maps, lookup contacts or dial a call with a simple right click. Everything you do every day is right there!

You should have the freedom to extend and customize your workflow to meet your needs. With Cloud Mail even common functions like search are uncommonly powerful. You can search through messages, appointments, even attachments, using any number of criteria. You can also create complex searches and save them for reuse later. You can still create folders if you like, but the searches so powerful you've really don't need to.

Scheduling meetings has never been easier. When you create a calendar event from a message it brings all the information and attachments associated with it. And an intelligent scheduling system suggests times, room and resources.

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